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ARL import log file's new location in 2019R2

I just installed FNMS 2019R2. When downloading ARL via executing the task named 'Recognition data import', I noticed I cannot find log files below.
- ARL-Recognition-(default).log file, generally, it exists in the TEMP folder of the fnms service account or fnms admin account.
- ImportPURL-xxxx.log files and PURL-(default)-log.txt file, these files exist in the same directory of the above.

Occasionally, I noticed that they are available in a new location.
"C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\Logging\Content\mgsImportRecognition.log"
"C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DataImport\Content\ARL\"

I am not sure if these changes are introduced in 2019R2.
But I do think these changes are good (have a unified log file location) and just want to share the new location if someone cannot find the log files in old locations.

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Hi Mengmeng,

Thank you for sharing . These changes to the process for the download of content libraries in FNMS have been introduced with FNMS 2018 R2.

Details of the configuration settings for this process, the log files, the download destinations, and the changed calls to the batch scheduler are included in the FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 Installation Guide (on page #73).

Another tip to share and I suggest that this should be added into the Installation Guide. 
Before importing ARL, it is strongly recommended to open the DOS Promot and run 'sqlcmd.exe' to confirm if it is installed or not.
If sqlcmd.exe is not installed on the application server, then the ARL import will fail.
There is a similar report.

For me, I have SQL Server Management Studio installed on the Application server but still needs to install to get sqlcmd.exe installed.