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Oracle Java SE bundles

Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran
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New Java SE bundles have been created and existing Java SE bundles have now been refreshed according to latest Oracle license documents.

Six bundles have been published in this month’s SKU/PURL/Bundles release. Please update to build # 493 to get the latest updates on -

  1. Oracle Java SE bundle
  2. Oracle Java SE Desktop bundle
  3. Oracle Java SE Advanced bundle
  4. Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop bundle
  5. Oracle Java SE Suite bundle
  6. Oracle Java SE Suite Desktop bundle
  • Bundles are created to accommodate both license metric - desktop and processor
  • Existing Java SE SKUs have now been linked to its respective bundles and applications.

  • 16 new SKUs have been generated from Flexera to furnish Oracle Java SE product descriptions and are linked to its respective bundles and applications.

  • Updated License Type from ‘Named User Plus’ to ‘User’ to allow the calculations to work without allocation.

  • New PURL templates have been created specifically for Java SE bundles and respective SKUs have been linked to these templates.

  • All Java SE bundles are now linked to the latest versioned application available in ARL.

  • Java and its related commercial applications are made primary application in the bundle.

  • Applications entitled to use with Oracle Java with restricted usage has not been added to the above bundles. The same has been commented for customer’s visibility.

  • Non-licensed Java SKUs and applications have been removed from the bundle.

Other details of our regular SKU/PURL/Bundles release can be found at –

Level 7

How do we obtain the list of the 16 new SKUs that have been generated for the Oracle Java SE products?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@goody612 - the current list of Flexera's SKUs for Oracle software can be found on the following article:


Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran

The specific 16 newly added Java SE SKUs are listed below. 

  SKU Associated Bundle
1 FLX-ORCL-102019 Oracle Java SE
2 FLX-ORCL-102020 Oracle Java SE
3 FLX-ORCL-102021 Oracle Java SE
4 FLX-ORCL-102022 Oracle Java SE
5 FLX-ORCL-102023 Oracle Java SE
6 FLX-ORCL-102024 Oracle Java SE
7 FLX-ORCL-102025 Oracle Java SE
8 FLX-ORCL-102026 Oracle Java SE Desktop
9 FLX-ORCL-102027 Oracle Java SE Desktop
10 FLX-ORCL-102028 Oracle Java SE Desktop
11 FLX-ORCL-102029 Oracle Java SE Desktop
12 FLX-ORCL-102030 Oracle Java SE Desktop
13 FLX-ORCL-102031 Oracle Java SE Advanced
14 FLX-ORCL-102032 Oracle Java SE Advanced Desktop
15 FLX-ORCL-102033 Oracle Java SE Suite
16 FLX-ORCL-102034 Oracle Java SE Suite Desktop