Proposal to simplify restrictions by enterprise group in roles & license enterprise group assignment in FlexNet Manager Suite

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What is the idea?

We are considering whether it would be feasible and helpful to make a simplifying change so that your FlexNet installation has a single type of enterprise group (that is, Location, Cost Center or Business Unit) configured that will be used for all data access restrictions configured in roles and for license group assignments.

If this change is made, you would not be able to configure role-based data access restrictions in roles or do license group assignments based on different types of enterprise groups. All such restrictions & assignments in your FlexNet system would have to be based on either the Location structure, the Cost Center structure, or the Business Unit structure.

What is driving this?

We have made the following observations about the use of enterprise groups:

  • Very few (if any?) organizations configure role-based data access restrictions or do license group assignments using more than one type of enterprise group.
  • The ability to use different enterprise group types in these areas is confusing for users.
  • Supporting the use of different enterprise group types materially increases the complexity of how data must be manipulated internally in the system, contributing to limited functionality in some particularly advanced areas and poor performance in various parts of the system.

So what?

If you have thoughts on whether it would be good or bad to make a change like this, or have other related ideas, please comment here.

I have not found anybody who has role-based data access restrictions or license group assignments configured using different enterprise group types on different roles/licenses at this point. So if you are doing this, I would particularly love to hear from you: feel free to PM me if you do not wish to reply publicly.

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Trusted advisor

Hi Aamer,

After talking to some colleagues, I do see problems with the descibed approach.

Here is how we work around some of the FNMS shortcomings: In complex companies there is usually not a single license manager, but multiple. They are often responsible for one or more specific publishers. In order to grant them rights to a specific set of licenses, we repeatedly used the Category field in the license and then limited roles to these categories.

In combination with Cost Centers, Corporate Units or Locations, we can depict the complexity of some customers.

The problem is that license responsibilities may just not follow Locations, Cost Centers or Business Units. FNMS may actually need a bigger overhaul in rights management.

Best regards,