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Accessing FlexNet Manager Analytics

FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R1 delivers an expanded set of Analytics dashboards and insights. We developed these visualizations in collaboration with several customers and partners, who provided ideas and feedback to ensure that we deliver visualizations that provide out-of-the-box value.

Our work is not yet finished. We will continue to expand our set of visualizations and dashboards over the next few months, with a goal of finalizing the project in time for the next release of FlexNet Manager Suite. The visualizations will be updated periodically in our Cloud environment.

To access the dashboards, click the Reports button in the main FlexNet Manager page. 

Reports menu.png

From there, hover over Analytics and click on My Analytics home to launch the Analytics UI.

Analytics Menu.png

This opens the Analytics home page.

Analytics main page.png

In Analytics, open “Team Content” folder in left Navigation and click on “Flexera Boards” folder.

Teams folders.png

In this folder, you will see all of the dashboards that are available. (For on-premises customers, you will see them after loading the new Analytics package into your environment.)

Flexera Boards.png

The Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, and Widget Library dashboards have not changed from the previous releases.  You can view description of the 8 new dashboards in a separate FlexNet Manager Analytics Enhancements post.

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