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The latest monthly patch for Data Platform, 5.5.51, is available as of the end of March 2022.

This release brings in several new capabilities, which includes:

  • the ability to resume a ServiceNow job from the point of failure using command line option.
    A customer will not have to redo import, mapping and publish if those steps have already completed.
  • the ability to export private catalog and mapping from Admin Console UI.
    The export can be used to feed into the customer's IT Visibility as part of their migration journey towards Flexera One.

This release also brings several fixes around Normalize failing error in the INSERT statement, the issue with records getting created in the SAM SW installation table in ServiceNow, as well as the issue with catalog hang during analyze load step.

Details on 5.5.51 (March 2022) release can be found in the release notes posted in the documentation section of Data Platform.

Also, reminder that we have an exciting upcoming new Market Version, Data Platform 2022, slated to be released in May. Check out this announcement to get details on what this new market version brings.