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The latest monthly patch for Data Platform, 5.5.44, is available as of the end of August 2021.

This release brings in several new capabilities, which includes:

  • the ability to identify Technopedia entries that have been marked 'To be deleted' on User Console

    This will prevent users from selecting any of these 'To be deleted' entries and, instead, use the replacement entries that have been provided alongside. This also ensures consistency views of Technopedia across different consumption methods (Publish database, API, and now User Console).

  • enhanced mapping cube in Analyze report

    Mapping cube will provide a better transparency into what Normalize is doing on the evidence/discovered data. Users can see all package and file entries that have been processed in Normalize (deduplicated or not, hidden or not) along with the normalization status (Mapped, Irrelevant, Unknown). For Mapped entries, the corresponding Technopedia products and/or releases will be shown side by side, so that users can use this infromation in any troubleshooting scenario. Finally, users can also identify which of those packages or files are part of their private catalog and/or mapping.

This release also brings several fixes around extractors, correction of incorrect behaviors in Data Platform as well as User Console.

Details on 5.5.44 (August 2021) release can be found in the release notes posted in the documentation section of Data Platform.