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The latest monthly patch for Data Platform, 5.5.39, is available as of the end of March, 2021.

This release contains several new capabilities, which includes:

  • the ability to roll up open source components to the underlying OS distros which have them packaged/embedded by utilizing the two newly introduced relationships:
    • between the original open source components and their distro-variant equivalents (e.g. between Apache Tomcat to Red Hat Tomcat);
    • between the distro-variant components and the OS distros themselves (e.g. between Red Hat Tomcat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux)

  • new identification of software titles that are classified as 'library' or 'plugin' along with the reason/explanation as to why they are being captured in Technopedia. By default, libraries or plugins fall outside Technopedia's software eligibility criteria. Exceptions, however, are made on certain titles which are captured in Technopedia due to any of the following reasons:
    • they are commercial and/or licensable
    • they have security/vulnerability impact
    • they are tracked as part of Technopedia's DejaCode Open Source Content Pack
    • they are complex and independent components
    • they have a continuous and/or comprehensive version control and support
    • they are significant to Flexera customers

These capabilities are available in both the bdna_publish database of Data Platform's instance as well as on the Technopedia API.

Details on 5.5.39 (March. 2021) release can be found in the release notes posted in the documentation section of Data Platform.