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This support tool is to make it as simple as possible to collect necessary log and configuration files in relation to Data Platform Admin Console
The tool gathers the requested log\conf files and downloads as a zip file in your web browser. This removes the need for you to access the Data Platform server to gather these files.
The Support Tool was introduced in version 5.5.16

Only accounts in Admin Console management role can access to this page and download the relevant files and data.
There are 3 options you can select to download the specific files:
  • All Logs and Conf:  Includs Admin Console configuration files, Admin Console logs and IIS logs.
  • Logs:  Only Includs Admin Console logs.
  • Conf:  Only Includs Admin Console configuration files.
The text box will display the files list that is to be downloaded and it is not editable. The files are collected and compressed in zip format. It takes more time if the logs are large. i.e. 10 minutes for 1GB logs.
Accessing the tool

1) In the Admin Console click the help icon to the right of the screen.0001.png2) In the pop up window select 'Support tool - Data Platform' from the list. (Last option)0002.png

3)  Scroll down the window until you see the following:0003.png

4) Select the necessary dropdown option and click 'Download Diagnostic Data'. The download will then begin and once completed you will see the completed download in your web browser or downloads folder. **This may take some time depending on the total size of the log files, approx 10mins per 1GB of data)


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