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BDNA REF not found for device assets

Hi All,

Maybe a bit of a newbie question, and I am not sure if I am posting this in the right location.

I am adding assets to Flexera, which normally will lookup the BDNA reference automatically and provide the EOL information.

For some of my assets the BDNA reference is not found, for some purecloud devices. Questions that I have one this;

Which fields are used for this look up function, Manufacturer & Model?

Sometimes the model of the hardware is not completely clear, is there anyway to search the BDNA database using wildcards to find out what the exact values are that you need to use?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


(2) Replies

Just to provide some more information, this is related to hardware assets, we import the devices from a spreadsheet. For the fast majority of the devices the BDNA reference and the relevant EOL information will be discovered overnight without any issues.

For some devices like for example our Purecloud, and some legacy Nortel devices it isn't able to find any information. I understand the lookup in the BDNA database is based on the model field. 

For the purecould devices I have tried multiple options and nothing has worked so far. My question is if there is a way to use wildcards to find out which model information needs to be added in the Model field, so it will find the right BDNA information.





You may want to leverage Flexera's gap fill process in a situation like this. You can open a support case and share "the gap" on these models with Flexera's content team and have this team investigate whether these models could be added to Technopedia.