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Service Now Modules could not be found in Technopedia inventory

We’re currently on the “Rome” version of ServiceNow but Technopedia doesn’t appear to have a lot of modules related to the Rome version.
The prior version of ServiceNow was “Quebec” and the inventory of available modules in Technopedia is much greater.

The Rome version was GA in September 2021. The Quebec version was GA in January 2021. 

Is there a 1 year lag in Technopedia publishing ServiceNow software titles? Can we find out from Flexera?


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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Keerthi,

Thanks for reaching out. 

I see that you've already raised a case with my team for this case, but I can give you a little more information. 

The Technopedia catalog has a concept of Manufacturer "Tiers" (1/2 and 3).

For Tiers 1/2, there is a regular refresh of data. New releases, updated lifecycle dates etc. 

For Tier 3 manufacturers (such as ServiceNow) - new data would be added on demand i.e. via customer requests, such as the case you have raised with us. 

Now that we have that case open, Brian from my team will work with our Content Team to have the ServiceNow entry in Technopedia updated to the latest releases. 

Hope this helps!