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OOB Reports in User Console aggregating across multiple inventories

By default, it appears that the OOB reports in User Console aggregate results across all inventories. It is easy enough for an experienced user to apply an inventory filter on the results, but for novice users (e.g. those who just Search for a SW title) they are getting getting numbers that are inflated. In our case we have two inventories that have some common data sources (e.g. SCCM + SolarWinds + ServiceNow, another just SCCM + SolarWinds). Essentially one inventory is an archive from a prior time and set of data sources, but we don't wish to delete it. Is there a way to configure the OOB reports to rely on a specific "preferred" inventory?

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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Steve,

Looking at your requirement, I feel the only approach that will provide results is to use filtering on the data sources.

It is possible to save both Management Views and Management Reports in the solution, and I would suggest have the filters that are active, included in the report name, so that even inexperienced user can see and understand that the data set is filtered.

You could also look to incorporate the inventory date information into this filtering, if you have a data source, that is old.

Hope this helps,


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