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Matching Data in a mashup

I am trying to import a CSV into data platform as a software mashup I am keying on KEY-ProductID:Software but when I review the imported data in the User console and try to create a report on the data all i get is Not available. Do i need to relate it to a technopedia ID? Do i need to do this manually? What is the best way to do this? I have included an example file.




Timothy Robinson
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Hi Timothy,

Mashup is matched on the key element.

Matching Key Column:
Each column used as a mapping field must have a header written in the following format:

Where XXXXXXX is the mapping field name and YYYYYY is: the original label of the column

If product id is your matching element you can try something like below:



You can add more attributes but your key element in this case is ProductID.

Also attached is a mashup tutorial which will help.


So i did as you asked and keyed off ProductID but I only see one row of information there should be a whole lot more



Timothy Robinson

Hi Timothy,

The mashup performs a match on the key element.

This would mean that only one entry matched for the "SW Product Id" from your mashup file and the normalize data set from your inventory.

You may want to check what other SW product id's exists in your inventory data and accordingly add mashup elements with matching SW product id.

Hope that helps.

If you would like further assistance we can log a support case for you.





The answer is that I need to relate the individual software to a  Product ID or Manufacture ID. I would add a separate column and then Key off that data.  I would first have to look up the info in FlexDP so I would have the correct product or Manufacturer. 

Timothy Robinson