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How to export data from Data Platform

Apart from logging into the tool and exporting the data as csv, is there a way to use API or any other technology to have a direct connection with Data Platform server and export the normalized data ?

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Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

There is currently no supported Data Platform API to export normalised data and therefore many customers use a database connection to query and export data from the BDNA_PUBLISH database. The database structure is cautiously managed due to this popular method of integrating data into downstream applications. 

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SW data can into millions. Hence if the reporting tool has limitations in the number of rows it can export, we need have workarounds or alternate solutions to enable us to get the normalized data and i heard API call is the easiest way to extract data.

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Is the schema for BDNA_Publish documented?  Or at least the structure for the most commonly used information types?

Thanks, Paul

HI Paul
Yes there is and we provide the Publish ERD upon request.


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If an API cannot be used to extract the normalized data, is it possible to extract the normalized information to sharepoint list or excel

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There is an option to generate Results file when you setup the Normalize process in Admin Console . Once you run Normalize the normalized results are provided in this file which can be viewed via excel.


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Hi Deepa,
How do we go about requesting a copy of the ERD for the BDNA_PUBLISH database please? And are there best practices and recommendations around how to establish a connection and extract the data please?

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Please request the ERD through Flexera Support, i.e. please open a support case and request it.