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IT Discovery > Other: Database / API Connection



I would like to understand the following, if anyone can help share the info I it would be much appreciated.

1) Can IT Discovery > Other: Database / API Connection be configured to extract software data present in an SQL custom database, and run it through the normalization process? This custom database does not form part of any discovery tool.

2) Assuming 1 is yes. Is there an example of an SQL config file used to extract and normalize data from a custom database? I cannot find any documentation on this. 

3) Assuming 1 is yes. Is there any API documentation and example to do this?

4) Any documentation describing the minimum data that needs to be present in the custom DB tables including field data types / formats

Thanks all,


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Yes, that would be doable but it obviously requires database schema or API information to create the configuration (.config file) to use. I would personally take the outset in an existing configuration that you know will collect similar information from another data source of the same type, e.g. if it's a SQL Server database then I would personally use an existing known data source (like FNMS, SCCM, etc.) as the outset and then change it according to the custom database schema.