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How long should it take to download the Technopedia Catalog?

How long should it take to download the Technopedia Catalog?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @mlombardo ,

The time to download the Technopedia Catalog can be variable as it is based on a number of factors:

  • Your internet download speed
  • Size of file being downloaded (A first time catalog download will take longer than a more up to date one)
  • If you have purchased additional Content Packs this may also increase the download time
  • Amount of new content added to catalog

Due to the above we unfortunately cannot give a range as to how long it should take to download as it can vary so much. 

If you feel the download process is taking longer than it should please create a support case and we can investigate further.

To provide some observations for reference, the initial download and upload into the database could take hours - depends as @RQuinn mentioned on the download speed and the server(s) configuration. Subsequent synchronizations perform an incremental update which takes much less time, about an hour or so on my "smallish" server.

Flexera Alumni

HI Mike,

Technopedia Catalog download duration can vary based on various factors, hence there is no definite answer to your question. A few factors to be considered:

1. When was the last successful catalog sync?

If it was recent(<7 days) you can expect a faster time to completion.

If last catalog sync since was a while ago (say 2 weeks), it would take longer to complete.

2. It would also depend on network connectivity to download the catalog, as well as database connectivity to load catalog information into database.

Hope this helps. If you see any issues, please log a case with us and we will be happy to help.


Its approx a 2.5 GB in size, so its mostly connection dependent. The Initial Catalog download and any syncs greater than a week old (as mentioned below) will be of the full catalog. Weekly or less, will be the diffs only which are much smaller.