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Looking to understand more of how Data Platform calculates cores?  For example I have a machine that states it has 10 cores, but the "Sys Cores Range" is listed as Less than 4.  This particular system in FlexNet Manager states it has 2 cores.  

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The actual number of cores on a device will come from whatever tool you are using to gather hardware inventory details. Where that tool gets its data from will depend on both the tool and the operating system of the device.

For example, if the FlexNet inventory agent is used on a device running Windows then the number of cores is based on data obtained from the Win32_Procesor.NumberOfCores WMI property.

Could you elaborate on specifically what you are looking at which states the computer in question has 10 cores? A screenshot might help.

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Here is a screenshot.  This particular system has 2 cores, but is being reported as 10.  And as you can see the Core Range is listed as "Less than 4".  I have reached out to support as well and it has been determined that this is a bug that will get resolved.  

@goody612 hi, when you say "reached out to support" do you mean Flexera support?

just wanted to confirm because we've got the same question.  

That's correct.  

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