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ActiveState Perl version information

Hi, Just wondering if anyone can tell me how to get the version information to the build level for ActiveState ActivePerl please? e.g. vs 5.10 appearing in the SW_Version field and or the Edition field updated with Community Edition vs Platform etc?

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I'm sure I don't understand your request properly, so please excuse me for potentially responding misaligned...

I don't have any 5.10.x versions in my inventory, but I just ran a quick Technopedia report that revealed the following releases:


If your question is about the fact that there doesn't seem to be a release registered in Technopedia then please share the normalization results of the inventory with the content team (through a support case) so that it can get added.

If your question is about combinations of versions and editions then it may be either related to missing software inventory details or again missing entries in Technopedia.

Please feel free to either elaborate a bit further in this forum thread, or create a support case if you think you need assistance from the content team.


Thanks John, I will raise a case for this item as this is not what is appearing for us... example below