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Change Title

Curation of new releases for Google Chrome based on the Operating system lifecycle dates.

Class 2

Customers should be aware and be prepared

Change Summary

This notification is about upcoming changes in the way we are curating new releases for Chrome in our content libraries based on the Operating system.

Google has provided release lifecycle dates for Chrome based on the Operating system in which the release was Installed, as per the following Link.
As a result, we are planning to curate Google Chrome releases which are specific to the operating system


·        As discovered data does not have a reference to the OS, we will not be mapping evidence to the newly created releases.

·        We will retain the normal release (not referencing the OS) unchanged and will continue to capture lifecycle dates as we were previously, i.e., GA of the latest release will be considered EOL for the previous release (All but the latest release will be out of support).

·        Since the Vendor website does not have the information below the 109 version, we are going to consider the 109 version as a benchmark and curate releases up to the latest release (113 as of today)


Technopedia catalog will be enriched with 29 new releases along with lifecycle dates. Please find the details in the attached spreadsheet.


Customers should expect these changes on 12th May 2023

These changes have now been completed