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Flexera Alumni

As we continue to modernize and improve Flexera Support offerings, we are happy to announce that our new Chat feature has been launched.  We are very excited to offer Chat and we are taking careful and thoughtful steps to make sure its a success.  Subscribe to this post to receive updates as we continue to update and change our Chat service.

Our plan for Chat will start with the basics; a simple live chat feature.  In the beginning support  chat will be active for only a few hours a day while we analyze activity and ensure we can manage the traffic properly.  Once we have gained confidence in our system and traffic management, we will increase our availability to include local business hours.

We will strive to resolve cases within the chat, however, when we can’t we will create the case for you.  The chat transcript will be added to the case and you will receive a notification that a case has been created and updated.  From there we will assign the case to the appropriate person to resolve.

To access the chat, you’ll need to be logged in to your community account. If you haven’t created an account in our community, you can do so now by clicking the Sign in option located in the upper right-hand corner of the page and then select the option to create an account. On this page, create a new account using your business email address. Once your account is created, and it’s properly linked to your company, you’ll have the ability to access our chat feature.

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