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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
We are thrilled to share our inaugural certification success story, highlighting the achievement of our first certified customer!

Last week, Flexera unveiled its certification program, and on the very day of its public release, a customer based in Los Angeles eagerly purchased a certification test entitlement. The certification, priced at $200 per catalog item (CCO, ITAM Admin, ITAM Operator), offered two attempts for success.

The customer promptly embarked on the certification test, but unfortunately, the initial attempt did not yield the desired outcome.

Undeterred, our dedicated Customer Success Team, specifically the Training Unit, proactively engaged with the customer. They guided the individual towards the comprehensive certification training materials package bundled with the entitlement. This resource, designed with modern standards and technologies, delivers education in an efficient and engaging manner.
Armed with the enriched knowledge from the training materials, the customer courageously took a second shot at the certification. This time around, their efforts paid off magnificently as they not only passed but achieved a perfect 100% score!

This success story exemplifies the collaborative journey between Flexera and our customers, showcasing how dedication, support, and cutting-edge educational resources can transform setbacks into triumphs. We congratulate our customer on this remarkable accomplishment and look forward to celebrating many more certification successes together.