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Community Case Management Update

Flexera Alumni
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Hi there!

We are so pleased you have visited our new customer community! Our launch of the Flexera Community on April 8th has largely been a success. We’re filled with excitement as we watch Flexera customers log in and explore the exciting opportunities offered by our new progressive community platform.

There is one area where we could have done better. Due to the complexity of the Flexera support case management system, we were unable to offer the depth of functionality our My Cases previously offered. This has been a difficulty for some customers, and for that I sincerely apologize.

Here's the good news–we’re bringing back the old page. This change will restore all the features you’ve come to expect. Our community team is already working to transition the functionality to the new site, and we expect delivery in May.

Here's what to expect in May:

  • Ability to view all transitions on your case, including email and comments in-line as they were received
  • Ability to search based on case number
  • View and sort on all case variables, including severity and status
  • Change severity on closed cases to reopen
  • Option to close a case from the case screen
  • Timestamps for all case activity will be visible
  • Improved format and page layout

Thank you for being a Flexera customer!

Kimberly May, Vice President Support Services


Level 7

Good day, has the "search all cases" feature been deprecated?  I had a case opened with Support regarding my access to the new community.  The case number does not appear under "My Cases" nor under "All Cases", so I cannot currently provide a status update.  Thank you.

Flexera Alumni

@dmathias:  I will send you a private email on this.  We have had a few reports of this from customers since our launch and we usually find the cause is due to an oddity around the user registration or the account set up.  Since we are going to talk more deeply about your cases, I will take our discussion off line. 

Level 9 Champion
Level 9 Champion

Hello Kim,

When is delivery expected in May?

Here is my feedback:

Overall the design is far nicer than the previous iteration which is great Smiley Happy , however the implementation is a little lacking in my opinion:

*Email notifications to a reply is still not working correctly

*When an email notification comes through, a reply to that notification fails.

*When in a topic only 5 messages are displayed, this should be larger - or at least filterable on x replies as its difficult to track a conversation. I've noticed similar behaviour when Flexera reply to a message there can be a number of different views.

*No notification when notified if there is a message on the bell notification icon at the top right.


This is my starter for 10, and hope this helps.


Flexera Alumni

Thanks for your feedback Ben!  

Our case management improvements are planned for the end of May.  I have added your input to our list of desired features.  Watch this post for updates!


Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

The new interface looks nice.

Level 16 Champion
Level 16 Champion

The mouse over seems to be buggy.


Because the short description is kept really short, the mouse over, showing the complete short description, would be really helpful.

Also the export option is no longer there - this used to be a workaround.

Flexera Alumni
Hello mfranz - Thank you for your comments. Both 'full text on hover' and Export are expected to be added on July 12th! Watch this space for a blog post for information on these and other new features expected on that date. Kimberly
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