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Configuring Claimed Copyrights

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SummaryThis articles discusses how to configure claimed copyrights.SynopsisClaimed copyright settings can be used to have Palamida designate a selection of copyrights to be ignored when the software scans for third-party indicators. Only "unparseable...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Code Insight Release Archive

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This article is an archive of the Code Insight release dates since 2017. For current and upcoming releases, please see the Code Insight Release Schedule. (NOTE: Access to the Code Insight Release Schedule page requires you to log into the community ...
by Revenera Community Admin cvirata Revenera Community Admin

FlexNet Code Insight Scan Speed Optimization

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SummaryThis article discusses how to optimize scan speed with database optimization, match sliders, and other methods.SynopsisThis articles discusses how to optimize scan speed with database optimization. match sliders, and other methods in FlexNet C...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Validate CL Signatures Script

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SummaryThis script will validate the MD5 checksums of the Compliance Library files.SynopsisThis script will validate the MD5 checksums of the Compliance Library files.DiscussionCompliance Library Upgrade Guide for instructions on installing a new Com...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Detector Code Search in 6.8

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SummaryThis article discusses how to use the new code search feature in Detector 6.8.SynopsisFor the new code search feature, scanned code is indexed so that a search may be performed at anytime. This eliminates the need for a text/grepping tool outs...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Electronic Update via proxy server

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SummaryThis article documents the reason that the Electronic Update does not use the settings in when connecting to the update serversSynopsisThe electronic update for FlexNet Code Insight 6.11.1 and above no longer uses ...
by Revenera jwilliams Revenera

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