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FlexNet Code Insight supported programming languages

FlexNet Code Insight supported programming languages


This article documents the supported programming languages for scanning with FlexNet Code Insight


What programming languages are supported by FlexNet Code Insight?


The currently supported languages for use with FlexNet Code Insight are as follows:

Ada: .ada, .adb, .ads
ASP: .aspx, .ascx
C/C++: .c, .cc, .cpp, .cxx, .h, .hh, .hpp, .hxx, .m
C#: .cs
Delphi: .pas
Erlang: .erl, .hrl
F#: .fs, .fsi, .fsx, .fsscript, .ml, .mli
Fortran: .f90, .f95, .f03, .f, .for, .f77, .F, .F90, .f08
Go: .go
Java: .java, .jsl, .jsp, .groovy
Javascript: .js, .as, .ts
Lua: .lua
Perl: .perl, .pl, .pm, .prl
PHP: .inc, .php
Python: .py
Ruby: .rb., .rbw, .rbx, .rhtml, .ruby
Scala: .scala
Shellscript: .sh, .bash, .ksh, .csh, .tcsh, .zsh
Swift: .swift
Tcl (Tickle): .tcl, .tk
Also Verilog: .v, .vh
VHDL: .vhd, .vhdl
Visual Basic: .bas, .vb
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Please note this list is valid only for 2018 releases. Please contact Revenera to obtain a more current list based on your product release of interest.

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