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Tips for Filing Support Cases (SCA)

Tips for Filing Support Cases (SCA)

We welcome all types of support cases!

  • Bugs, Features, Enhancements, Questions, Ideas
  • Cases provide an audit trail, tracking mechanism and assessment across entire customer base

Not sure if it’s case worthy?

  • Ask your CSM/Services/PM but don’t hesitate to submit a case of type “Question”

Have multiple issues to report?

  • Break them down into multiple cases if possible

Issue is too complex / too broad / not reproduceable?

  • We still want to hear about it and can often tell you if others are impacted

Prioritize in context of other issues submitted by your organization

  • Customers usually know best which issues are most critical for their organization but Revenera may not always have this knowledge. It removes a lot of ambiguity when customers help us with prioritization. Remember, you can view all suppport cases filed by your organization by using the 'All Cases' filter.
  • We will take care of prioritizing your case in context of our entire customer base and strategic initiatives.

Remember Priority = Urgency + Business Impact

  • These are not pre-defined case fields, but this is critical information for our PMs.

Urgency is all about time.

  • Help us identify issues that may not be blockers today but you expect them to turn into blockers in a week, a month, a year. Advise us of any known deadlines this bug will affect.

Business Impact is the effect of the issue on your business

Here are some examples of business impact to consider:

  • Business activity is affected
  • Potential operational loss
  • Potential financial loss
  • Reputation shattering
  • Inability or length of time to recover

Don't forget to update the case if circumstances change

  • Perhaps you found an acceptable workaround or moved to a different release alltogether. Please don't forget to update us on the changes so that we can better apply our valuable time and resources.
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