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Generating FlexNet Code Insight Thread Dumps for Support

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Synopsis Sometimes, the FlexNet Code Insight application can appear to hang or become unresponsive. The initial approach to debugging this situation is usually to generate a thread dump to see where the process currently is in the Java call stack. Di...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Collecting Logs for Support

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SynopsisAlmost always, the first step in error resolution is log analysis. This document shows how to fully shut down the Palamida Tomcat servers, kill any hanging Java processes, and generate a new set of logs without historical data. This helps the...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Enable Java Console Logging

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SummaryThis article provides instructions for enabling the Java console which can help identify the root cause of errors on client systems launching Detector.SynopsisEnabling the Java console is a simple process that can help identify the root cause ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

How do I enable SSL for FlexNet Code Insight?

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SummaryThis article provides instructions for enabling SSL.SynopsisThis article provides instructions for... Generating a key and keystore with the keytool commandConfiguring FlexNet Code Insight to use SSL with the keystorePurchasing a certificate ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Upgrade the FlexNet Code Insight Compliance Library

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SummaryThe Palamida Compliance Library provides information about the binary content of files, which is used during scanning for Exact Matches and Source Code Fingerprinting. These instructions are for upgrading the Compliance Library only.SynopsisTh...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

Create Custom FlexNet Code Insight Fingerprints

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SummaryPalamida's Source Code Fingerprint matching ordinarily checks file contents for terms that are likely indicators of third-party content. This articles provides steps for creating custom fingerprints.SynopsisFlexNet Code Insight's Source Code ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni

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