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Error Handling in Self-Service

What I would most like to have happen is for an error to 1) been shown to the user and 2) for the CloudApp to end up in a "failed" or "terminated" state as quickly as possible. For #1 - the only way I know of to do this properly is via 'raise' becaus...

perryk by Level 3
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SaaS Policy for Salesforce

The New Okta Inactive Users policy is nice so it leads one of us to wonder about Salesforce SaaS. Is there anyone looking for an integration into Salesforce from a CMP perspective? Published 4 months ago by support@rightscale.comThis policy will iden...

Self-Service - How to avoid CloudApps reaching a failed state if the operation that failed does not require administrative review

In Self-Service, using CAT code to run workflow during operations like stop, start, but also creating custom workflows for backups, etc., has been a real nice feature. In my case, we execute specific tasks, such as shutting down a stack of applicatio...