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Flexera One Usage Patterns and Session Timeout

The Flexera Product team is looking to understand a little bit more about common usage patterns for users of Flexera products and their thoughts on session timeouts. Please take this quick (1-2 minutes) survey to help us understand your needs. https:...

arossiaky by Flexera Alumni
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Solved ruby.exe is not running/restarting

I am unable to execute scripts (on my SQL Server VM) because the ruby.exe processes are not running. I was under the impression that ruby.exe should always be running (three instances) and that if they ever die, they automatically restart. So what’s ...

Solved Failover Architectures in EC2

HiLooking at this guide I am trying to make use of the "Basic Failover Architecture" to create a Failover for one of my EC2 instance. As per the instruction, I can not ...

Solved Rightscale API call to get instance nickname

I have a list of systems in GCP that I want to run a rightscipt against. I am using rsc to loop through that list.The script takes the server name and does a lookup of the instance id to make api calls against it.If the host is in a Server Array it f...