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RightScale Self-Service stuck in "launching"

Team, I've submitted a support ticket as well but it appears that Self-Service is having trouble transitioning through the stages.  I have a CloudApp that has been in "launching" for over an hour even though the underlying instances have been fully o...

perryk by Level 3
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An internal error occurred.

Hello, I am inviting a user to my  RightScale account using the invitation feature and after waiting for the invitation I was able to reset and login to the account without any issues. Now I want to add that account to a group inside RightScale but I...

roberto by Level 2
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Software Asset Management

How are you dealing with Software Asset Management?We currently have the Microsoft VLSC and a really old spreadsheet for everything like Adobe products and so on. Looking for a one system solution.Anyone know of any online application packaging tutor...

Why am I getting "credential given is not a valid SSH private key" when refreshing my Repository

When using a private repository for cookbooks, an SSH key must be provided to authenticate to the repository. Depending on the type of key you are using, you may see the following message when performing a refresh action: credential given is not a va...

roleary by Flexera Alumni
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Do you support ServiceNow ?

Currently our users are logging into self service and launching resources from the catalog. We are planning on introducing ServiceNow for our workflow and approval process. Do you integrate with ServiceNow ?

egonzalez by Flexera Alumni
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