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Creating volumes in vscale slows down with the increase of volumes in that account/tenant


We're having problems with an account that has on average 4000-6000 disk volumes and we realize that creating new volumes is quite slow, timing out frequently, requiring a lot of orchestration to work around 240s API timeouts and wait limits. It appears that the API is not performing at scale.

Are there any updates coming to resolve this?

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We are aware of slowdown you've experience when iterating over 6K plus volumes. The issues are due to the performance of the appliance (RCA-V).  At this point we don't have any immediate plans that would improve the performance, but I will reach out to our product team and make sure they are aware of the problem. I will keep you posted on any changes.

Thank You

Hi egonzales,

Thanks for confirming this limitation.

We are currently at 4.7k volumes in one account and we're experiencing daily deployment failures due to timeouts related to creation of new volumes. We're currently paying for PS to work around the issue, which is not really working, nor is it addressing the root cause. 

Our business is not stagnant - we're expecting significant growth year over year. We'll be at 6k within a few months and at 8k in 24 months.

The deployment architecture for RCA-V is one instance per data center. How are we supposed to scale this up?

Hi! I looked and @egonzales is on vacation until the 21st. He'll respond upon return. Thank you for your patience!

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Hi Alex

Thank you for the feedback. I'm also in contact with your Professional Services Engineer.  I know there are some changes to the ESXi you are experimenting with. I will make sure your experience with the appliance is shared with our product team.

I will contact you privately regarding your specific usage pattern to follow up.


Thank You

About a year ago, there weren't any concrete plans to resolve this. 

We're now approaching  5k volumes in our largest account and we're worried this will shut us down soon... 
Are you guys at Flexera just waiting for us to call support when it stops working?
Or, was it a foregone conclusion that we would evacuate Flexera solutions before we hit the danger threshold?
If there's anything Flexera can do, today, or sometime sooner than later would be good.

I am extremely sorry for this level of frustration and concern. Let me pull in one of the product management team here so they can share what's planned. I've also asked they contact you offline as well. 

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