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Please help create dynamic parameter in "More Actions" menu


I need help to create an additional action for the CloudApp.
That action has multiple parameters.
Im struggling to make a dynamic content of one of those parameters.
The same function with a parameter works fine with launch operation but it`s simply not executed with the additional action.
How can I achieve that?

my CAT:

parameter "param_stack_items" do
type "string"
label "List of applications"
description "json:{\"definition\":\"getUserDeployments\", \"description\": \"Select application to backup from the list.\"}"
operations "backup", "launch"


operation "launch" do
description "Launch the server via Jenkins"
definition "launchVM"

operation "backup" do
label "backupVM"
description "Perform off-line file system backup (/dr01 only)"
definition "backupVM"

define launchVM($param_stack_items) do
task_label("Launching the VM..")

define backupVM($param_stack_items) do

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I asked around internally and got the following response from one of the SME's:

Dynamic Parameters was a "labs" feature back in RightScale era, and most likely not something that is officially supported today.
With that said, I believe Dynamic Parameters are not possible after the Cloud App has been launched [i.e. when More Actions is available]. It's only usable during the Launch Cloud Application flow.

As i know define your additional action in your CloudApp's manifest file. Make sure to specify the necessary parameters, including the dynamic content parameter. The way you pass the dynamic content parameter may vary depending on the platform or tool you are using to interact with CloudApp. Test the additional action by invoking it with the provided parameters, including the dynamic content parameter. Verify that it executes as expected and that the dynamic content is correctly handled within your application logic.





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Ensure correct parameter definition for both "launch" and "backup."
Validate the JSON structure for "param_stack_items."
Debug by adding logs to identify any issues with parameter values.
Test with static values to isolate the problem.
Consult CloudApp documentation or seek support for platform-specific guidance.




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