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trying to run most up to date 2024 policies for AWS ... right size, disconnected volumes, long running, etc

credentials have not been altered and all 2023 policies run, but are showing outdated data.  found out recently that there are updated 2024 policies.  i try to run those and they all error out.  nothing has changed on my end, so what is the cause?

policies from 2023 work, policies from 2024 do not work 

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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran

I've checked a number of AWS policies in error state. In a couple of cases, it seemed that credential used might not be valid, however in most case, policies failed for accounts with "opted-in" regions like ap-south-2,  af-south-1, etc. 
We provide a policy to test AWS credential for accounts and regions and identified a list of the regions the credential does not work for.
The policy can be found here: 

Please let me know if you need more details.

I hope the information helps you.