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Optima currency change.

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In optima, it is possible for a Flexera engineer to change the currency symbol that is reported on all dashboards. This however will not affect any values as no currency conversion is carried out and only the symbol on the account will change. A cur...
by Flexera bclarkflexera Flexera

Persistent Disk and duplicate resource issue

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Persistent Disk and duplicate resource issue The issue in this knowledge base relates to a Google cloud error related to duplicate resources of volumes that prevent launches new instances. The issue is caused by resources not being completely de...
by Flexera bclarkflexera Flexera

How to remove resources from Rightscale

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Removing Right link features from your environment. This knowledge base will answer some common asked questions regarding wat happens when removing a cloud from RightScale. The most common asked question is will disconnecting a cloud remove reso...
by Flexera bclarkflexera Flexera

Best practices for raising a CMP or SS support case

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Raising a Cloud management platform and Self-service cases. This knowledge base article will explain what information is needing when raising a case regarding CMP or SS. Providing this information will allow for the Engineer taking your case to o...
by Flexera bclarkflexera Flexera

Common issues with Self service schedules

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A large number of self-service users use the scheduler feature to run Cloud apps at a set time. This article will explain a few common issues that users see when using the Self-service scheduling feature. Schedulers are easy to create under the desi...
by Flexera bclarkflexera Flexera

Who in RightScale has access to my cloud appliance?

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Background Information In order to comply with your company's security policies regarding access to your vSphere infrastructure by third party vendors and/or services, you may need to properly disclose RightScale's level of access to those resources...
by pjblash Flexera beginner

Upgrade RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere release 1.2

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Applicability: Applies to situations where field upgrade is performed on vscale and vscale-admin v1.1 packages. Does not apply to fresh deployments of RCA-V 1.2 appliance. Overview While performing the upgrade of RCA-V packages you may run into upgr...
by pjblash Flexera beginner

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