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Who in RightScale has access to my cloud appliance?

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Background Information In order to comply with your company's security policies regarding access to your vSphere infrastructure by third party vendors and/or services, you may need to properly disclose RightScale's level of access to those resources...
by pjblash Flexera beginner

Upgrade RightScale Cloud Appliance for vSphere release 1.2

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Applicability: Applies to situations where field upgrade is performed on vscale and vscale-admin v1.1 packages. Does not apply to fresh deployments of RCA-V 1.2 appliance. Overview While performing the upgrade of RCA-V packages you may run into upgr...
by pjblash Flexera beginner

Option to Disable Floppy-Drive Based Configuration

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Overview There is a new option in the Cloud configuration file that was added from RCA-V Release v1.2 to circumvent some of the issues related to floppy drive usage that caused server launches to fail from time to time. In order to modify the Cloud ...
by pjblash Flexera beginner