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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

The following Flexera Cloud Management Policies have been depreciated and are no longer being updated.  The policies can still be used in the Flexera NAM environment.  They can also be modified as custom versions managed by customers.  

For a complete list of the Flexera Policies or to access the policy templates for the deprecated policies please visit our GitHub repository

List of deprecated Policies

  • Compliance
    • Disallowed Cloud Images
    • Untagged Resources
    • Unapproved Instance Types
  • Cost
    • Downsize Instances
    • Running Instance Count Anomaly
    • Inefficient Instance Utilization using RightLink
    • Inefficient Instance Utilization using RightLink Add Tags
    • Schedule Instances
    • Superseded Instance Remediation
    • Terminate Instances with End Date
    • Discover Old Snapshots
    • Unattached Volumes
  • Operational
    • AWS Cloud Credentials Rotation
    • No Recent Snapshots
    • Stranded Servers
    • VMWare Instance Tag Sync
  • Security
    • Security Group with High Open Ports
    • Security Groups with ICMP Enabled
    • Security Group Rules without Description
    • Security Group Rules with ports open to the world
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