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Solved Recommended Server Specs for App Portal

What is the general rule for server specs - cpu/cores/memory - based on number of users?I thought I had this documented or noted, but I'm not finding it in the current App Portal documentation or Helpnet.

Solved SmartUninstall for App Portal / App Broker

I understand that the SmartUninstall utility is very limited in what it can do, but I need to demonstrate this to a customer and in working with the SCCM admin, we are having trouble getting a test ran. In other words, we're running the executable bu...

Solved App Portal / App Broker and SCCM Deployments

Two questions for App Broker / App Portal and how it works with SCCM:Does App Broker / App Portal create the deployment or does the SCCM Admin do this when they package the application?If it creates the “deployment”, does it create a deployment for e...

Solved App Portal Embedding in ServiceNow host frame

Hi, We're trying to get AppPortal to cooperate with Service Now (Istanbul) as a Self Service Application which is viewed from a frame. We can get this to work with a new window, however whenever we try to add the following URL:https:///esd/DefaultFor...

Solved "Cancel Notification to User" and "Default Ide time"

Hi there,I have App Portal 2017 R1 ( version & currently experiencing two issues; 1. How do I increase App Portal "idle" time & now Admins cannot leave the Portal without any activity for about 2 minutes - I would like to set this to 15 minu...

Ljeneto by Level 2
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Solved Reporting on active Catalog Items

I'm looking at the standard, canned, reports in App Portal 2016 ( There is a report titled "All Catalog Items with Category and Description". This seems to report every item ever built in App Portal, including all the archived items. Is the...

sara_b by Level 4
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App Portal 2013 -> App Portal 2015 R2: Data Migration Possible?

We will be migrating to App Portal 2015 R2 soon.In our existing single instance of App Portal 2013.3, we have a number of complicated approval workflows, workflow groups, catalog item images and descriptions, style config, and notification settings. ...

catalog categories

creating catalog categories and the first couple populated. i was able to import a package and set in one of the subfolders; however the remaining categories are not populating in the 'browse catalog' tab.what i created: any thoughts?thx!

jballen by Level 2
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