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Solved Deinstalling software using App Broker

What is our prescribed approach to uninstall software that may not have been installed by App Broker or SCCM? What if a User went to the WWW and downloaded some software, paid with their credit card and installed it on their desktop. When SCCM detect...

rabrera1 by Level 2 Flexeran
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Solved App Portal Roles

When using App Portal/App Broker, I want to include and exclude certain parts of the organization. For example, there might be certain parts of the organization being divested. What is the best way to segregate user access in App Portal by groups of ...

Solved Passing attachments to remedy via API

Has anyone does this before? We have no idea how to do this. When the user (In App Portal) completes a form, we have it open a remedy ticket via the API. They have the option to attach a file to their request in App Portal. We can't seem to ...

Solved AppPortal - Manual Target List

So I read the below link and it looks like the manual target list is basically hitting the AppPortal database with a specific SQL string? Then I can assume if I get "machines cannot be found" (When attempting to target via AppPortal),  it's that for ...

Solved License Reclamation Threshold option

Is the  "License Reclamation Threshold" option on the Flexera Integration tab of App Portal a global setting if you wanted to reclaim applications in general after x number of days of non-use, without having to setup individual license reclamation ca...

Solved Recommended Server Specs for App Portal

What is the general rule for server specs - cpu/cores/memory - based on number of users?I thought I had this documented or noted, but I'm not finding it in the current App Portal documentation or Helpnet.

Solved SmartUninstall for App Portal / App Broker

I understand that the SmartUninstall utility is very limited in what it can do, but I need to demonstrate this to a customer and in working with the SCCM admin, we are having trouble getting a test ran. In other words, we're running the executable bu...