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I want to be able to display catalog item request questionnaire answers in the email that gets sent to approvers for General catalog items (General - Request For Approval)

I’m using the ##Questions## variable.


I would like for all the text that is presented in the email to be the same size, currently the values in the email that are inserted using ##Questions## seem random and the email looks unsightly.


Is there a way to control this?


Do I need to edit the questions then selves or ideally is there a way to do this in the ‘General - Request For Approval’ template?


The questions we have are a mostly a mix of Rich Text box, drop down and check box questions.


Thank You.


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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

I'd think that you should be able to wrap what you are passing (the ##Questions## variable) in HTML to format the text. For example:

<div style="font-size: 9pt; font-family: segoe ui, tahoma, verdana;">



I did not test this, but I pulled the HTML from the Request for Approval notification in App Broker. 

Charlie, I'm not sure if that will work or not, as the variable content itself may contain some inline HTML styles.  Generally, the style format closest to the desired element will take precedence over inherited styles (e.g. from the DIV), and inline styles will always have higher priority than style sheets (either linked or embedded in the HTML header).  The exception is if you define a style using the !important declaration.  This will allow a CSS style to override an inline HTML style, as long as the inline HTML style doesn't also have the !important declaration.  There are several good articles about HTML/CSS styles and precedence, including W3DOCS and MDN.

Having said this, I also haven't looked at the details here to know how the ##Questions## variable is being formed in code, and I don't know if the editable portion of the email template will allow you to add a HEADER and BODY section so you can use embedded style sheets to override any inline HTML styles.

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This seems to work.. I ran a quick test using only the above HTML to set the size of the font for ##Questions## in a notification, and when the notification was sent, the text in the table had the font size set as expected. Wrapping ##Questions## in HTML tags would be the only way that I can think of to format it, as the table is built dynamically when resolved.