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Nested Approvals

Is there any way to nest approvals with AppPortal for grouped catalog items? Example being you have a grouping for New Computer and Optional OS wherein the OS workflow we not fire off until the Computer workflow was approved.

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In your example are you saying that you have a catalog group items. You want one of those catalog items to be approved first before then the entire catalog group can be approved?  At the moment I'm not aware of this kind of options but I would have to look into it and make sure.  Please let me know if my understanding of your need is correct or not.

Correct, the use case would be that there is a Computer + Optional OS bundle and that the OS approval would not happen until the computer was approved as the user would have no use for the OS if the computer was not approved.

From looking at Group Catalog items and testing them it appears that you can have a different workflow for each item in the group catalog but there is no way to order them.  Meaning that if you have three items in the group catalog any of the three can be approved in any order.  There is no way to control the order of approval