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Installation Status From portal

would like to get an email alert on all non-success orders from Software portal, also it should create an incident automatically to respective teams.

I am trying to create a report for all the orders and their status to analyze average time taken for installations using software portal

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Email alerts on failure can be configured at the Deployment -> Global subtab level, please refer to Global Subtab and as most ITSM systems can trigger incidents on incoming emails you could potentially do both.

Setting ITSM Actions on Catalog Items outlines how to configure an event to trigger an ITSM incident at the Catalog Item level, e.g. on failure.

For ITSM integration configuration in more details, please refer to documentation and specifically Editing an Existing Operation 

For the reporting you would have to create a view in the database that includes the status and time taken for installations, e.g. based on WD_PackageRequest, and obviously other forum members may have something better to start from...


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You may also be interested in the SLA Dashboard.  It will show you the status of deployments and request approvals, and if you click on the tiles, it will show you a drill-down report of the individual requests/deployments that fall into each status.

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