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Appbroker integration with BMC Digital workplace


We have an integration between Appbroker and BMC digital workplace, basically we submit request through Digital workplace and it will be sent to appbroker through API, it was working fine before, but recently we made some changes and somehow for each request from digital workplace, it will be automatically creating 2 duplicate requests in Appbroker, we do not know how it happened. any thoughts what might be causing this?


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Unlike App Broker's integration with ServiceNow, where App Broker actually has ServiceNow-specific code, the BMC integration is 100% outside of App Broker and is a black box to Flexera.  App Broker simply exposes a set of APIs and BMC uses those APIs to communicate with App Broker.  Based on that, I would guess the problem you describe is an issue with the configuration on the BMC side.  What changes were made recently?  Were those changes on the App Broker side or the BMC side?

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thanks for your reply, we did make a couple of changes both sides so we are not sure which side is causing this issue. But why i am asking here is we did generate detailed logging from BMC side, and we see only one request sent and also one response back there. But in appbroker i can only see the Requests in the Request Log folder, is there any other places i can see more detailed logging?