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Any known issues with installing App Broker on Windows Server 2022?

In the official system requirements for App Broker it states that it supports Windows Server 2012 and up, however the first install I've ever attempted on a Windows Server 2022 machine we are running into an odd issue where the installation won't move forward after the step that asks for the DNS Alias, AD Global Catalog Server, SMTP Server, SMTP Account and the Computer Discovery Method. No matter what we've tried entering into the requested fields the "Next" button doesn't actually move the installation forward and it just sticks on that same window. We're running the .exe as an administrator and with an account with full admin rights on the machine. The only thing we can think of is that it might have something to do with the newer OS. 

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I've not tried installing on Windows Server 2022.  Does IIS still have all the same "legacy" support in this release?  Have you checked your .NET Framework version?  I seem to recall from long ago that sometimes setup would hang when trying to validate the service account.  There used to be a command line switch to skip the validation of the service account, but I'm not sure if this still works in current releases.  You could try it...


I could also envision changes to the Windows Server 2022 network stack causing problems with connecting to AD to check for the global catalog server and such.  I'd probably suggest submitting a support case to get Windows Server 2022 on Engineering's radar for compatibility testing.

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I ran a quick test on Friday, after setting up a clean 2022 Server, and I did not see any issues when installing. Can you let me know the version you are installing? I tested 2023 R1. I need to crack open the installer to see what is happening when clicking the next button on the panel.

Jim's Suggestion is a good one.. Can you open a support case, and attach the MSI log for the installer to the support case? The MSI log will be in the following location:


I'll look through what properties are set and try to determine what might be going wrong. 

Ok I will do that as soon as I can get my hands on the msi log later today. 

Ok that's good news. We were also using the version 2023 R1.