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AppPortal - Users are able to see all requests

Have you had any reports of users being able to see all requests in the AppPortal, even though they don't have the access? 

We had a user yesterday, that was able to see everyone's AppPortal request even though they didnt have access. This seems to magically have been solved overnight. I have seen similar type issue and I am suspecting its an issue with the User/Computer Relationship, but wanted to post here and see if anyone else has seen it. 

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Since this only happened for a short period of time, I'll assume that the "manage all requests" permission under catalog security did not change. The only time that I've heard of anything similar is when the user or computer name could not be determined, so it was set to "unknown."  As a result, those requests which had either the user to computer name set to unknown would be displayed under my requests. Do you happen to have a screen capture of the my requests page for the user experiencing the problem? Do you see unknown as the target for the requests? You might look at the user log for the user to see if there were any problems in discovering the user/device name around the time when the issue occurred.


Unfortunately, I could not get a screen shot this time. I imagine I will see it again. Reviewing the log, I did find DNS reverse lookup failed. No machine name found for IP 172.25.1xx.xx. Exception Message: No such host is known. I imagine that would cause the unknown in AppPortal. Now that machine is in DNS it has been working fine. I can't upload the log in a public forum, but can give it to you in an email if needed.