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AppPortal / SCCM Status

Where can I find the status code that SCCM has returned to AppPortal?

We are currently running AppPortal 2019 R2 with SCCM. There have been many cases that AppPortal reports a failed install (and kicks off a ServiceNow incident) when, in fact, the installation was successful. 

The only status IDs I can find seem to be AppPortal specific status IDs. I'd like to see the logs that show the status ID that SCCM is sending to AppPortal. 

Thank you in advance

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By Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

Your best bet would be to look in the request log for the request.. Assuming you have request logging enabled, and also verbose logging (go to settings->website to set the logging level). If you do this, you should see something similar to the following in the request log:

Found the below rows for getAdvertisementStatus.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

This XML line will contain the status which was returned by SCCM

I might suggest that you go to settings->website->timers and set the "Monitor threshold for failed deployments to prevent false flags" setting to 12 hours or so.. By doing this, App Portal will monitor failed requests for the specified period of time, before considering the request a "final" failure. This is to handle the case where SCCM will attempt a failed install again, and the subsequent attempt is successful. Note that after you make this change, be sure to restart the ESD Service so that the settings change will be picked up.