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SCCM Table details

We are trying to create a report that shows what activities App Broker has performed on a weekly basis.  Right now we are able to generate a report showing package name, date, time, approval status, etc... However, we can't find how to add the "action" taken (install or uninstall).

Does anyone know what SCCM table contains the install/uninstall action data so we can add to the report?



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You should find most (if not all) of what you're looking for in the [vMyRequestsCatalogUpdated] view.  Install versus Uninstall should be either the Type column or the RequestType column.  I don't recall which one (the latter, I think), and since the environment I'm looking at right now doesn't have any install/uninstall data, I can't tell you how 0/1 maps to install/uninstall.  But off the top of my head, I think 0 maps to Install and 1 maps to Uninstall.  @CharlesW keep me honest.

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Jim - Correct 0=install and 1=uninstall.

cobb8774 - I noticed that you mentioned the "SCCM DB".  If you are truly querying the SCCM DB to get the info, then you can look at the DesiredConfigType column in v_ApplicationAssignment to determine if the request was an install or uninstall (1=install, 2=uninstall). This is for applications, anyways. I'm sure that there must be a similar location for packages.. This is just one place I found.. There are likely multiple ways to get this info in the SCCM DB. Even the collection/deployment name is indicitive of the action taken.

Excellent!  Will give this a try.