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Flexera Alumni

AdminStudio 2019 R2, released on August 13th 2019 features:

  • Package Feed Module
  • Package Feed Module PowerShell Cmdlets
  • Support for Windows 10 - 1903


The Package Feed Module

The Package Feed Module integrates details about thousands of vendor setups into AdminStudio to save you hours of research and testing.  You can now subscribe to up to date, tested, installation details for nearly 3,000 vendor setups. With the Package Feed Module, AdminStudio now provides:

  • Awareness. Always up to date, you’ll have valuable details on the very latest version of thousands of vendor installers
  • Integrated downloads. Download the latest setups directly into AdminStudio with a click (available for over half of listed products; limited by vendor policy)
  • Validated silent command line options. Application version-specific silent installation commands, tested and ready for use (available for most entries; limited by vendor support)
  • Detection rules. The primary file path and file name as well as version details to confirm the currently installed version for use as applicability rules in SCCM or to create a WSUS patch.

For more detail, see this blog post which provides more specifics as well as a quick demo video.

New PowerShell Cmdlets in support of Package Feed Module

Take full advantage of the Package Feed Module in AdminStudio Enterprise with new PowerShell Cmdlets. Watch the community soon for a blog post where we will show how you can fully automate the package creation process and keep up with the latest new versions with these Package Feed Module PowerShell Cmdlets:

  • Invoke-ASPackageFeedSync - Synchronizes the package feed data, so the entries in the Package Feed Module is always up to date
  • Invoke-ASPackageFeedSearch - Searches for an application in the Package Feed Module based on Product Name and Version supplied
  • Get-ASPackageFeedDetails - Fetches the details of an application like Silent command line switches, file name, etc.
  • Invoke-ASPackageFeedDownload - Downloads the setup file to the configured download path

Additionally, some existing PowerShell cmdlets were extended to support Package Feed Module

  • Set-ASOptionProperty - Configures the download path for the setup file to be downloaded from the Package Feed Module
  • Get-ASOptionProperty - Fetches the download path where the setup file is downloaded from the Package Feed Module
  • Invoke-ASImportPackage - Imports the downloaded application to the application catalog

Windows 10 Build 1903 Support for Application Compatibility

We’ve also added the latest build of Windows 10 (1903) to AdminStudio’s continuous compatibility support so you can verify application compatibility against this, and the previous 5 builds, of Windows 10.