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Workflow Manager and AES "License is invalid." Error

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This article details resolution for the Workflow Manager and AES "License is invalid" error. Symptoms A known valid license will show "License is invalid." in the config.exe tool when trying to activate.Config.exe will not properly activate AES or Wo...
by Flexera ayung_2831 Flexera

Assign Users to Workflow using the AdminStudio Process Assistant

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SummaryOn the Project Assignment view, no imported users show up for selection.SymptomsWhen trying to assign an user to a workflow through the AdminStudio Process Assistant, none of the imported users show up. As a result, the process cannot be compl...
by Flexera Ken536 Flexera

Uninstall of AdminStudio stuck

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SummaryHow to uninstall AdminStudio when the UI prevents the users from selecting a radio button .SymptomsWhen uninstalling AdminStudio, the user is prompted to uninstall or stop the services that AdminStudio installed. There is an issue where the ra...
by Flexera Flex-Jeremy Flexera

Repackager Crashes While Building Context.msi Package

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SummaryThis article discusses a specific crash that can occur while building the repackaged applicationSymptomsWhile trying to build your output from with in the Repackager it will get to the point of building the context.msi package, and the islc.ex...
by Flexera WheresThePizza Flexera