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shortcut to personal folder file

I need to create a shortcut to %\personalfolder%\Files\word1.doc for every user who is logged on to the user's desktop. No matter that it is not best practice, my client just does not understand it.
What would be the best way to do it? By default the desktop folder points to the all users or public\desktop folder. The shortcut should be in the current user's profile on the desktop.

Any help would be appreciated. I am using Adminstudio.
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You can use DesktopFolder predefined folder location in Shortcuts view of InstallShield Editor to install shortcuts to DesktopFolder. In addition you will need to delete the ALLUSERS property in Property Manager so that the installation will default to a per-user installation in which DesktopFolder will map to the per-user desktop location.

The shortcut target location will need to use [PersonalFolder]Files\word1.doc to reference the per-user Documents location.

Then I suppose you will need to publish this MSI package to each user using a tool like SMS/SCCM. Or else each user can run the install separately.

There isn't any built-in way to run the install once and have the customized shortcut appear for each user.

ALLUSERS property:

That is good tip for taking the allusers property out. Thanks.
I wonder how to set it in SCCM because it is not running unless using administrative credentials. Running it for every use who logs on would work under the user account, however, the user does not have the right to install the product, so it errors out because of not having elevation right. Running it as an administrator (system account) through SCCM, the shortcuts and files are not created because the files go to the profile of the system account.

How can I overcome that problem?

Any help would be appreciated.