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i am getting the folowing errors, how do i solve them.

ICE17 UNKNOWN ICE Internal Error 105. API Returned: 1615.
ICE17 UNKNOWN Error 2228: C:DOCUME~1a-jackpLOCALS~1TempICEC5.tmp, ControlCondition, SELECT `Dialog_`,`Control_` FROM `ControlCondition` WHERE `Dialog_`=? AND `Control_`=? AND `Action`= 'Enable'

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This looks to be an internal error coming from the the custom action dll from the CUB file distributed by microsoft.

The error code 1615 corresponds to ERROR_BAD_QUERY_SYNTAX. I have seen this problem before because of using single quote in name somewhere (may be in dialog name or control name)

Run the validation in ORCA and bring up the results. Then click on the error. It might take you to the actual table/column/row in question. Try to analyze if there is any single quote in the row(s) then either change it to remove the single quote or try to escape it with another single quote.