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hi all

it's me, the newbie again 😉

i have created a custom action and i need it to run on uninstall only, how can i tell it to my msi? don't forget, you have to detail your answer for me to understand it loll.

thank you all.

ps; have a nice week-end!
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Please see this recent InstallShield newsletter tip:
ok i got that part, but how can i tie this to the custom action?

let me explain;

in wise for windows installer, in the custom action creation dialog, there is a field called condition, where i put remove="all", i'm looking for the same for that custom action. so i know i need remove="all" but where do i put it?

If you've already added the action to the sequences, you can open the Sequences view, select the action, and then add REMOVE="ALL" (remember property names are case-sensitive) in the Condition field on the right.

Or, in the Custom Actions view, select the custom action, then fill in the appropriate Install UI Condition or Install Exec Condition field, depending on where you've scheduled the action.
ok i got it, thanks a lot for your help.
As an aside, those of you with a copy of the book Administrator's Introduction to Application Repackaging and Software Deployment using Windows Installer (about which see can find information about this (appropriate conditions, and so forth) in Chapter 8, "Custom Actions", esp. pp. 207-8; and Chapter 16, "Special Customization Issues", esp. pp. 503-4.