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AdminStudio Repackager - Default output options

Attn: Adminstudio supportI haven't used AdminStudio since version 9.0, and am now using Version 11.5, and have noticed that in the Release settings you can no longer specify the Editor to build and compress the files into an external cab. This funct...

Repackage Questions about ADD/REMOVE and Best Practice

I'm testing out the Admin Studio 11.5 Repackaging software, running from a UNC share. Works great, have two minor questions:1. When I repackage applications, such as Mozilla Firefox 16.0.2, it creates a second entry in ADD/REMOVE programs. Further, i...

drose23 by Level 3
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Repackager "An Unknown Error Has Occurred"

I'm trying to repackage an .exe but no matter what I do I'm getting "an unknown error has occurred" when trying to build the msi. I was getting the error at building .msi package but I read something that said to disable "Replace files with merge mod...

notta3d by Level 2
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Workflow Manager Install

Hi All,In AdminStudio 11.0 and previous AES.EXE was included for installation of WFM / AdminStudio Enterprise Server. The AdminStudio 11.5 download / install doesn't contain it. Does anyone know where I can obtain it now?Thanks,Craig

CraigD by Level 5
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Strange repackaged program behaviour

At work, I have to package Visual Studio 6 to run under windows 7 64 bits. I know the product is not supported under windows 7 and it causes the legacy installation to fail when deployed silently. We have tried to convince the analyst to use anothe...

Multiple Users and the Application Catalog

We're running AS 11.5 SP1. We have two domain users who have their own client tools machines. Each user account is a member of a domain group which provides the access to the Application Catalog database.Both have access and can create groups and imp...

iainjo by Level 3
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Slowness in Workflow Manager

Hi all, I'm relatively new to workflow manager and have a question. When I try to make a change within workflow manager via the web interface to anything, project, package, customer, etc. it is almost always very slow. 9 out of 10 times it would be...

rjemison by Level 2
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Create MSI installer

Hi all,Just downloaded AdminStudio 11.5 SP1 trial version and tried to create simple MSI installer using Repackager as follows:* Run the wizard to create initial snapshot* Run our installation program* Run the wizard to analyze the changes* Open irp ...

AS 11.5 Remote Repackager

My company recently purchased AdminStudio 11.5. I am attempting to setup a demo for packagers here how to use the remote packager. However, I am unable to get it to work. I am getting the following error.islc.exe - System Errorthe program can't st...

Maahes by Level 3
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