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Cannot Delete Applications in Application Manager

Hello,I have a problem with 2 particular applications I cannot delete from Application Manager. I have validated that I can delete other applications from the catalog but not these two. The similarities I've noticed about these two are:One of the guy...

'Distribute Application' Grayed Out

All,Our Application Manager 12 (AdminStudio 2013) installation is configured to connect to our CM2012 SP1 primary in Options->Distribution System dialog as described in the help documentation. When right-clicking on any application in the application...

Reporting - Requests displaying assigned Packager

When a Workflow request is submitted, we then assign a Packager from an imported AD group of Packager accounts. I would like to create a Workflow report that displays which Packager is assigned to the request. When using the "Create a Custom Report...

jmc3000 by Level 3
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Packaging with App-V 5 and Admin Studion 2013

Since AES 2013 does not support app-v 5 packaging on windows 7 (only on windows 8 and server 2012), what is the course of action to support App-V 5 on windows 7 with AES?

howyii by Level 4
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Report Center - sorting results by WF #

We created a custom report in WFM. One of the fields returned is the Workflow number, which is formatted like WF 1, WF 2, WF 3, etc. When I sort by that column, WFM doesn't seem to be handling it right. If I sort by Workflow Number smallest to hig...

jmc3000 by Level 3
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ASPX error in Reports in latest version Still.

I deployed a new Windows 2012 server to run AES/WorkflowManager. It's all fresh, not an upgrade over existing code.When users go to http:///ReportCenter/PackageReport.aspx they get an ASPX error: "Control 'ScriptManager1' of type 'ScriptManager' mus...

Install Adminstudio 2013

Hi,We currently have Adminstudio 10 installed on a Vista pc. We would like to install Adminstudio 2013 now. Therefore we will use a VMWare machine.Most of our business pc’s (several hundreds) are Vista but we will migrate shortly to Windows 7 64-BIT....

alternative to repackager to track file and registry change ?

Hi,it's sometimes overkill to use the repackager with snapshot to identify what is the file modified or what is the key changed on the registry when something has been changed on the options ...Which third party product can you recommend for tracking...